Permanent Makeup Training

Greetings!  This is Mel.  I am offering training at my Permanent Makeup Practice in Napa, California.  I only offer one-on-one training.  I do this because I feel it is imperative that I give 100% of my attention to each of my students.  Have you ever seen a tattoo artist teach in a classroom setting?  No.  They only teach by taking on an apprentice, and this is because it is a very complicated and fine-tuned art.  It's not something that you can quickly explain to someone and then expect them to have proficient ability and knowledge in overnight.

Permanent Makeup is a competitive industry and a trade that should be executed with precision and expertise.   The training should never be taught by a Fly-By-Night company over a weekend in a large, classroom setting.   If that is the case, they want the money and do not care about the quality of the work their students are turning out, or the confidence the students are leaving with.  It's one thing to leave with a Certificate, but when it comes time to tattoo someone's eyeliner- you better know what you're doing!  

Students should, and WILL have carefully monitored, hands-on training; to the point of feeling comfortable and confident working on live skin.  My students will leave my training feeling confident and prepared to excel in their new profession.  How many times have you sat in the back of a class and felt like you really didn't learn much by the end of it all?  That will not happen here.  This is a full emersion into the basics of Permanent Makeup to get you 100% prepared to start your career.  You will have no hesitation about what to do or where to start once you leave this class.

Basic Class- $3995*  (4 day Class)   I can work around your schedule

Includes Microblading Tools, 5 Inks, Workbook, Practice Pads, Measuring Tools

What does this class teach?

Classroom Hours: Color Theory, Product Usage, Tool Usage, Sanitation, Rules & Regs, Measuring, Business Ethics, Marketing Ideas, Intake, and more...

- Basic Eyeliner

- Shadow Brows

- Hairstroke Brows

- Microblade Brows

- 3D Brows

- Lips

Add Areola Reconstruction- $950 1 Extra Day

*(discount if paid in cash)

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