What to do before you come in...

Here are some things to consider...

*Do not take any aspirin/ibuprophen containing medication (motrin, naproxen, alka seltzer, etc.) or drink any alcohol before your appointment.  This causes bleeding because your blood is thinner.

*Wait at lease two weeks after a chemical peel, botox, restalyn/juvederm, laser treatments on the face, surgery or major dental work before getting permanent makeup.  If you are using Retin-A, you may want to cease for a few days prior to your appointment.


*Do plan to give your permanent makeup ample time to heal.  Do not travel or plan a tropical trip for at least a week following your procedure or plan to go camping shortly after.  You want to keep your permanent makeup clean, out of the sun and give it the best environment in which to heal.  Salt water, sun and a dirty environment will ruin your new procedure and possibly cause an infection.

*Eat before your appointment.  Coming in on an empty stomach may make you less comfortable.  Beware of anything that will make you jittery or more nervous such as excessive caffeine.

*Remove your contacts (and make sure you bring your glasses) if you are getting eyeliner.

*Do not come in if you are: sick (including a cold), have fever blisters, a stye or eye infection, are under a doctor's care for a serious condition.  Please give us at least 48 hours notice if possible.  If you are getting a lip procedure and are prone to cold sores, YOU MUST see your doctor prior to your appointment to get anti-viral medication.

*The following medications may inhibit the procedure from taking: chemotherapy, thyroid, Retin-A, Fish Oil, antibiotics or blood pressure medication.

*Contact us ahead of time if you have special needs, i.e. are in a wheelchair and need more time getting in and around, have allergies that may affect your procedure, etc.

*When you arrive there will be some intake forms to fill out in the lobby.  Have a seat and complete this paperwork.  Someone will be out to greet you.  Time to fill out the paperwork is worked into your appointment.  Show up at your scheduled time.  Showing up more than 15 minutes late is grounds for a reschedule and a possible $50 rebooking fee.  Showing up early will only make you wait longer as the client before you will still be getting serviced.  If you show up early, there is a cafe across the street and other restaurants and shops to browse in the area.  You are more than welcome to grab a snack and a drink before your appointment.


*Relax and know that we are going to spend ample time discussing your procedure and planning a design that works for you.  We will listen carefully to your needs and do our best to take good care of you.









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