Touchup Policy

Greetings loyal and fabulous NEW clients! I am adding this page to update you on my new Touchup Policies.  It pains me to have to do this, but I unfortunately will be charging for ALL Touchups from here on out.  The reason I am doing this is because I feel many of my clients are not following their after-care instructions carefully.  Sun Exposure is prematurely fading pigments and clients get frustrated with the short life expectancy of their permanent makeup and then want free work.  Or the use of Topicals that tend to fade the pigments, etc. are not being avoided, yet the clients are expecting me to continuously give complimentary Touchups over and over, which has nearly run me out of business.  It's this carelessness in regards to one's skin health and Permanent Makeup investment that is frustrating to me as an artist and skin care professional and I feel I have only enabled it by promising Free Touchups in the past.  I surmise that my FREE touchups have instilled in my clients that they can be a little more carefree in their responsibility in their healing and after-care as "Mel will fix whatever problems arise".  Aside from this nearly killing me financially, here is where a SERIOUS problem lies (AND I CAN'T BEAT THIS INTO PEOPLE'S MINDS ENOUGH).  

Every time someone gets Permanent Makeup or Microblading, a tiny amount of scaring occurs (some artists will argue this until the bitter end- but they are dead wrong- if the skin is cut- your body sends collagen to the area to heal it- the skin becomes thicker- that is a scar- PERIOD).  The more times this happens, the tougher your skin becomes.  Eventually, the tattoo needle or blade cannot penetrate this skin properly and it won't hold pigment.  This being said, there are only a limited amount of times your skin can take a tattoo (Permanent Makeup/Microblading).  So the Touchups are not good to do, unless absolutely necessary, because they take away from your future Sessions - when you might REALLY need it.  DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?  So it behooves you to take every precaution when healing your Permanent Makeup work and following the aftercare for life!  Otherwise, why make the investment?

So if you don't want to have to pay the touch up fee, read the PREPARING FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT tab... and your AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS.... and remember that you signed paperwork at your appointment explaining all of this to you and you agreed to follow your AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS carefully.  

Thank you for your continued patronage and loyalty :)

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